The Roost: a place to rest


The beating heart of the Shipwreck Coast, Johanna (Victoria) is alive with environmental diversity and encounters.

Experience a truly secluded Otways paradise, your cosy, private, country accommodation retreat.

The Cottages

The Cottage retreats are a private, hidden oasis offering a rare opportunity to experience this picturesque section of the Great Ocean Road, located along the Great Ocean Walk route.

Choose your own Otways adventure by day and come home to the comfort of your private cottage hide-away by night; your cosy sanctuary to wind down and recharge.

With sustainable practises utilised throughout the cottages, be at one with nature.

Your chosen cottage is your secluded haven; escape the city hustle.

Where serenity comes to roostโ€ฆ

Cottage One

Cottage Two


Johanna Beach

Be swept up in this untamed nature-scape, where the temperate rainforest meets the roaring sea via lush, rolling farmland.

With sustainable principles in practice, The Roost offers a front row seat to natures raw beauty.

Consisting of five green acres, perched 100m above sea level, you can watch the sets roll in across the valley while listening to native birdsongs from the comfort of Cottage One or monitor the surf from the prime vantage point of Cottage Two.

Both cottages are a short 1km stroll from Johanna Beach and along the Great Ocean Walk.

Conclude your day by watching a magnificent sunset, with the sand between your toes.

Explore. Unwind. The Roost.


The heart of the Otways & Shipwreck Coast

Dining. Hiking. Tasting. Strolling. Exploring. Sipping. Surfing. Watching. Riding. Learning.

What experience will you choose for your Otways getaway?

Centrally located on The Great Ocean Road, visit the Otways National Park or the 12 Apostles; discover local gourmet produce or just explore the beauty of the Great Ocean Walk.

You will be glad to have a sanctuary in Johanna, where you can unwind and regroup after a day filled with adventure.

Short stay. Long stay. Youโ€™ll never want to leave.


Doggo Friendly

The Roost is a proudly dog friendly accommodation, so the whole family (including pooches) can enjoy the beauty of this diverse landscape.

Your pup will be able to roam the lush pastures by day and snuggle up with you next to the fireplace by night.

Regrettably due to the delicate nature of the ecosystem and the lack of cat-run infrastructure, Dogs are the only domestic pet that can be accommodated at The Roost.

Find out more about The Roostโ€™s Pet Policy

Picturesque walkies awaitโ€ฆ